The Shift Evolution

Reclaim who you truly are!


The Shift Evolution delivers the highest quality services, information and products to individuals and the community that are focused on energetic healing of trauma , spiritual education and expanding self-awareness. These are delivered through personal & Skype consultations, experiential workshops, courses, written articles, books and also in presentations via seminars and webinars.


Our commitment and dedication to healing and truth assists people to re-connect with who they truly are and expand into the soul’s fullest and highest potential for personal growth, healing, learning and creative expression.


Why The Shift Evolution?

About Ben McIlroy

The Shift Evolution is at the forefront with up-to-date and latest research along with scientific findings on the effects of trauma and how we can heal psychologically and energetically.  Ben’s dedication to this work has seen him learn from and collaborate with some of the world’s experts on healing from psychological trauma, metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth.


When working with Ben you will have access to this high level of support, skill and understanding to help you open up and utilise the fantastic wealth of ability that already lies within you to heal, grow and expand into your fullest capabilities.


Ben is known for his clear and easy-to-understand teaching style, his compassionate and understanding counselling approach and his ability to delve deep and get to the heart of the matter with his direct, forthright and empowering manner.


His commitment and dedication to healing and truth is evident in all of his work and personal life along with his skill in supporting others from a wide variety of backgrounds to get to the next level of their personal growth, inner expansion and self-healing.

Ben is a qualified and experienced counsellor, teacher and trainer with over 15 years experience helping people change their lives.


An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Our society is figuratively at a ‘fork in the road’. Clearly, there is a crisis. People are increasingly feeling more and more uneasy about the direction of our society and are asking questions now more than ever before. It has been said that crisis represents both ‘danger and opportunity’ simultaneously.  Both individually and collectively choices need to be made.


One way takes us into further victimisation whereby we continue our sense of disempowerment and are subjected to an agenda that details greater levels of tyranny and oppression both individually and collectively. Down this road we will have no personal power and will move towards a totally controlled and automated society where humans are merely more than machines fulfilling menial tasks set by their masters. Crazy… possible…. maybe ? 


The truth is it will be our reality more and more if we continue to sit on the sidelines of life, follow our ‘programming’, choose to be powerless and do nothing to improve our situation. From here we can think ‘what can little me do’ then we sit back and perhaps wait for some of type of saviour outside of us that we imagine is out there that will save us from our plight. This is not going to happen as we have now entered the age of self-responsibility and it is up to us to join together and learn to help each other help ourselves. You are needed !


The good news is…. We have all we need within us to rise to the challenge and each of us holds part of the answers that are required to navigate successfully during these turbulent times.


The other choice we can make in stark contrast, will see levels of personal and collective freedom that we have rarely, if ever seen on this planet, whereby we begin to learn the truth about ourselves, our place on this planet and beyond. Where we learn to ask questions, step outside of the box ‘of the norm’, move away from dogmatic and indoctrinated beliefs, heal from our traumas, learn and grow in ways that we are just beginning to recognise and embrace, where we no longer subject ourselves to the endless conflicts and mind-set that encourages division due to age, income bracket, race, religion, and many other manufactured divisions .


This way has unlimited potential for healing, greater harmony and joy, unconditional love, a sense of community, spiritual growth, true health, wealth, wellness and vitality, self-responsibility and expanding self-awareness.


The truth is the ‘saviour’ you have been looking for and imagined is already here… all you need to do is just take a look in the mirror and you have found them! .We are the ones we have been waiting for, so what are you waiting for?