The Shift Evolution

Reclaim who you truly are!

 It is time to find out who you truly are!

It is time to strengthen the connection to your deepest self!

It is time to enrich, expand and upgrade you positive sense of self and connect with those of like mind who wish to do the same…

The Shift Evolution presents… Hyperspace, Spiritual Growth and Awareness Group!

What is Hyperspace? Put simply, Hyperspace is the region of energy and consciousness beyond time and space from which ALL in this physical world emanates, which is the from the mind of God. At its foundation the language of Hyperspace expresses colour, tone (sound) and archetype (symbols).

In this group you will begin to learn and explore about Hyperspace and Oversoul techniques to connect and work positively with your deepest self.

We will also be exploring aspects of universal law & energy which you begin to learn and apply for the benefit of yourself and others.

Some of the topics we will be covering…

    1. Visualisations and meditations utilising colour, tone & archetype for positive self growth
    2. Learning to balance and work with left & right brain.
    3.  Understanding and working with the chakra system correctly.
    4. What is my Oversoul? And how can I learn to communicate with it?
    5. Numerology
    6. Learning from the ‘positive and negative’ in your life as teaching tools.
    7. The role of masculine and feminine in consciousness, creativity and self-expression.
    8. …….And much, much more!

This group will positively challenge you to grow and expand in the way that is best for you! ALL are welcome along to the group!

Time:  Wednesday evenings fortnightly beginning 20th September, arrive 7.15pm for a 7.30 start (sharp) to 9.30pm.

Price: $20.00 p/person, or $30.00 for 2 if you bring a friend, partner or relative!


The venue will be discussed with you on confirmation of your booking. Please phone Ben McIlroy for bookings on 0424 405 569, or you can email Please be advised that due space constrictions we can accommodate 10 people only, so first in first served.